Sometimes really compulsive about details. Like majorly. Unfortunately, my attention to detail also decided to take a holiday along with everything else. What exactly am I talking about?

Let’s rewind to about two weeks ago..
I did my holiday shopping, I mentioned buying my friends’ Christmas presents at Yves Rocher. They put the items in adorable little gift bags, so all I had to do to figure out what was inside was to peek inside to figure out which present went to who. Easy peasy. That was settled.

I shopped for my siblings a few days later. I have two sisters and a brother. Shopping for my brother was relatively easy. I saw something, and thought, “That’s the one..”. Surprisingly, it was with my sisters that I had trouble shopping for. After much thought, I decided to get their presents at Beauty Bar. I got my eldest sister a tube of Bloom Lipgloss, while for my second older sister, Bloom Eyeliner in green. I had them wrapped at the store.

Today when I checked up on their presents with the intention of writing on the cards so I can give them at midnight, I realized something– The two things were wrapped identically, and I have no way to figure out which one is which. Hahahahaha.


Feeling it would work, but the problem is, they pretty much feel the same, except for a slight difference in size (I don’t know which is which). Haha.

I can’t imagine my eldest sister in green eyeliner; my older sister won’t wear pink lip gloss.. I better not screw up my gifts, because I actually spent time at the store thinking hard for their presents! I guess I should just rely on pure guesswork.

Hula-hulaan na lang. Hehehe.

My life is so boring that random things like this cause me much entertainment.
Truly, attention to detail has taken a holiday. Bow.