I’ve been told multiple times that my destiny is not in the Philippines. Funny, because I never really pictured myself working elsewhere. I’ve imagined studying abroad for my MScD, but being “Dr. FT” has never really sat in well.

I’ve been looking at interesting stuff. I had to pass on applications to Nepal and Mügla because of schedule conflicts. But this? This is different. This fits right in. This is for me.

In exactly two weeks, I will have had submitted my application to my third ever international “thing”. I’m having serious doubts about whether or not I should still send my application. More than anything, I’m afraid of not making the cut.

Many times, I try to think of myself as a daredevil, but this time, I’m just really scared!

Well, I still have a few things left to do for my application..
[ ] Edit my essay.
[ ] Process replacement certificates.
[ ] Find my missing certificate from the Air Force.

I know I’m being really vague about this. It’s not that I don’t want to share or anything, it’s just that.. I’m not ready for mass disappointment in case I don’t make it.