So I’m like.. “Brr.”

Greetings from a very cold cold city in Southern Tagalog!:)

I’m all pictures now, as I haven’t left the hotel room yet. Temperature here’s about 84°F, or 28°C. I’ve been to -0°C before, but I still do find this temperature a bit chilly. Of course, it’s nothing a light jacket won’t fix, but oh well, I’m enjoying it!

I’m really glad I brought these! Fuzzy socks with bunnies and polka dots.

I don’t like posting too many selfies. Most of the time, it’s because I can’t ever think of a kick-ass caption. Well.. This just happens to be one of those captionless selfies. Haha.

They say Trail Mix is pretty much M&Ms with obstacles. The secret is out, I actually like the obstacles.

I’ll be here with the fambam until January 1. May the holidays be good to me.:)