THE BODY SHOP All-In-One BB Cream.

It’s strange how I’ve just written a post about creams one morning, with me mentioning The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream, and then being back a few hours later with my own tube. I guess it just goes to show how decisive I am about BB cream. After all, when you know, you just know.:)


I’m a Shade 02. I’m not too white, not too dark. I fall right in the middle, just like an average Southeast Asian girl. I heard that the European market sells it to shade 00. Thank God I didn’t see it, or else I would’ve become insecure.

When you put some on, the cream doesn’t look homogenous. It looks white with little brown speckles, but when you start manipulating it with your fingers, it becomes a whole new shade of sun-kissed tan. The color gets prettier the more you manipulate the cream, and the more it gets absorbed. I guess you can attribute that to the pigment capsules that get released upon application to the skin, but it totally wasn’t what I was expecting, even after reading “COLOUR-ADAPTING” on the tube. It seemed a bit like magic, I should say.


I’m really not used to spending a lot on skincare and cosmetics; in fact, it took me some time to actually decide to get this one. I don’t normally splurge, really. It’s just that I’m getting ready to jump off to better products now that I understand my face better, and I make it a point to actually take care of my skin now. Deciding to invest was difficult, but I seem to find solace in the fact that I made the right choice.


Creamy Thoughts.

I’ve been thinking a lot about BB and CC creams.

I’m an avid BB cream user. My current favorite is The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX BB Cream, but I’m an occasional user of Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB Cream as well. I’m happy with my Korean BB creams, but the drawback is that they come in only 1 or 2 shades. I’m aware that BB cream color oxidizes over time, and it settles in after a few minutes, but I was kind of hoping to get something a little bit closer to my skin shade

I was initially eyeing

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream, but I was a bit ticked off by its claim that one shade fits all or something. I try not to expect too much from my makeup and cosmetics, but I think I generally enjoy cosmetics more when they’re fit to the consumers’ needs.

Now, I’m eyeing The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream. God knows how intimidated I used to be by The Body Shop cosmetics. Right now, they’re pretty much have a special place in my heart! 


I’ve read nice things about the All-In-One. I’ve learned that it has little color capsules that burst when applied to the skin. The All-In-One also comes in 3 shades, 1 being the lightest, and 3 being for darker skin tones, making me a little bit more at ease when it comes to shading. At least I don’t have to worry so much about looking ghastly. 

Another thing I’ve been giving a lot of thought into is CC cream. I’m currently looking into Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Colour Corrector. I like that it has so much skin-nourishing benefits. Of course, it’s also good that there are 9 shades available, though I’m not sure how many of those are available in the Philippines.

Clinique has 9 shades of this, but only 5 are available in the Philippines (and probably the rest of Asia Pacific). I’m kind of on the fence about whether I’m a Natural or a Light Natural, but I hear that CC cream blends well with the skin tone, so I guess it’s not something I should worry too much about. As long as it doesn’t make me look like a kabuki doll, I guess it’s good. I don’t know when I’d be gutsy enough to actually buy this, because it retails for about Php1,850.00—Oh Lord.

Nobody can question the importance of beauty; however, greater importance should be placed on skin care. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore we should keep every aspect of it at its prime of health, but of course, beauty makes everything better.:)