RANDOM SAMPLING: Clinique, Murad.

I’ve mentioned on several occasions how serious I’m trying to be about taking care of my skin, and the products I’m eyeing. I’m mentioned Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream on a previous post, and how hesitant my thrifty side of me is about actually investing in it. Of course, there were brands other than Clinique, and I wanted to keep an open mind. So, like a thrifty good girl, I decided to finally get lost in the beauty and cosmetics section at the department store.

I visited two Clinique counters today. The SA at the first counter let me have some of their BB cream to try out, and she said that she’d contact me in a few days to check up on how I like the product. The SA at the second counter gave me a free consultation about which products I should use, and gave me a few product brochures to help me through which products I should try according to my skin type. Yeah, I got samples of my coveted CC Cream in Natural Fair too.


I went to a Murad counter too. Today was actually the first time I went up to any Murad counter, and it seems like a really interesting skincare brand, although it seems to be more focused on curative skincare, rather than preventive. I got samples of the Refreshing CleanserPore & Line Minimizing Hydrator, two sachets of Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture and one sachet of Anti-Aging Moisturizer for blemish-prone skin. I had just tried the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture, and I could really feel it getting absorbed into my skin!

Asking for samples is great way to get to know a product before purchasing it. I’m really stingy when it comes to things like this, that I’d like to make sure that a product suits me well, before I actually decide to purchase. It’s easy to go back to the store to purchase, while going back to complain isn’t.