THE FACE SHOP Herb Day 365 Facial Cleanser.

I’m totally in love with Korean facial cleansers, especially those by Etude House. My last Korean cleanser was Etude House B.B Deep Cleansing Foam. I swore I’d try the Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam, but destiny steered me to another Korean cosmetic empire for my facial cleanser fix, which brought me over to THE FACE SHOP Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in aloe.

I don’t have a keen analysis on the product or anything like that. I’d just like to say that the product feels good on my skin! It’s a joy to lather on, and it just smells terrific. It doesn’t dry my normal/combination skin at all, and thank goodness, no allergies! If you’re like me whose cleanser needs are very much basic, then I’d say that this is for you too.

Though I’ve yet to find my perfect Holy Grail of facial cleansers, this is awesome enough for me, after all, I’m a fairly simple gal, am I not?:)


Why, Celeteque.. Why?

In microbiology, we were taught to switch our body care products (or at least, the formulations) every once in a while, to prevent bacterial resistance. I thought bacteria was he only enemy here, but my oh my, I was wrong.

I had just run out of my Etude House Baking Powder B.B Deep Pore Cleansing Foam when I decided to grab a bottle of Céleteque Hydration Facial Wash. It’s my third wash with the product just a fea minutes ago, and goodness, my skin has never looked so dry and blotchy! It looked worse than it did during my kojic acid days, and to think that it sayd hydration right on the bottle.


Yes, I have visible pores, it’s something I’m working on. What I’m trying to show is the redness here. I was in a bathroom with yellowish light, and no effects on the photo were made.


The blotchy redness was most noticeable on my cheeks. My nose exhibited a bit, but to a far less extent. It somehow irritated the angles of my lips, exhibiting something that looked a lot like angular cheilitis, but that was quickky remedied by lip balm.


This is me just whining, basically. After all, I was pissed!


Okay, this is just frustrating. I won’t throw the bottle away just yet, as this may just be my skin being shocked or something by the new wash. I was really expecting this to moisturize my skin, but it ended up drying it out and making it look blotchy and ugly. If things don’t improve in the next few days, I’m seriously going for Etude House Happy Tea Time.

I try not to be so optimistic, or to have expectations too high. It’s just that I wish products would actually deliver their claims. It’s only fair, isn’t it?