I’ve been craving chips for about 2 days now. I’ve been trying my best to resist the urge to take in empty calories, but today, I’ve decided to just go ahead and do it. I’m more of a Jack & Jill or Frito-Lay girl, sadly, it’s those God-awesome chips that pack the calories on. I’m partial to anything cheddar cheese flavored, by the way. Every time I try to rehabilitate my now-pudgy figure, the chips just come calling my name, and there’s no turning back when in open a bag.

I got my hands on a bag of Lorenz Snack-World Rosemary-flavored Natural potato chips. It was a rather unfamiliar brand. My mom probably got it at the International section at the supermarket, but they were damn good.

The chips were baked with sunflower oil, and my fingers didn’t feel oily or anything after. I felt bad about my unhealthy consumption, but I didn’t feel too guilty, being that they were made with natural ingredients, with no artificial flavourigs, no preservatives, and without gluten.

Chips will always be unhealthful, but they’ll always be my guilty pleasure. With that being said, I feel a bit better being that I’m getting a slightly more healthful version of my ultimate favorite snack.

Seriously though, natural chips are damn good.