THIS ISN’T K-POP: Cherrybelle.

No guys, this ain’t K-Pop.

I can’t believe how cute this Indo-Pop Girl Group Cherrybelle is! The first song I’ve heard from them was “Cinderella”, followed by “Pura Pura Cinta”, both from their second studio album, ‘Diam Diam Suka’. Recently, I got to listen to the carrier single of the same title, and watch the music video as well, and truly enough, I liked it!

Cherrybelle was said to be the Indonesian music industry’s copycat to K-pop’s SNSD. Though that may have been true at some point, it seems that Cherrybelle was able to find something that is uniquely theirs, but this has been evident in their second album, more than their first.

What I like most about Cherrybelle is that although their musical style is greatly influenced and similar to K-pop, they’ve managed to inject traditional Indonesian culture into their music. Pay attention to the instrumentals, and you’ll get what I’m trying to say. The music video itself even incorporated Indonesian themes to it, and please, look at the choreography!:)

I like the way “Diam Diam Suka” marries K-pop inspiration and traditional Indonesian themes. As far as getting inspiration from K-pop and making it your own, I would say that Cherrybelle has done it well!