I’ve been considering a need for eyewear lately. Spectacles and I will never mix. I’m actually talking about sunglasses this time.

I’ll be honest. I was actually contemplating making the big purchase by placing an order for a five-digit pair of Prada sunglasses. Baroque, to be specific. Thinking about Prada isn’t something I do everyday. It’s not something I can spend on whenever I like either. I just thought I’d get something special for myself, of course, being that it’s 2014 and all.

Inspired by Pope Francis’s Prada refusal, I later on changed my sights to Nine West or Charles & Keith. That was until I found myself at Uniqlo today while I was strolling around SM City BF Homes Parañaque. I honestly never understood the hype– until now. I was amazed by their sunglasses display, and even more amazes at how well they fit me. I grabbed one pair, tried it on, and thought, “This is my humble purchase.”


I bought two of the medium oval sunglasses– one in black, one in brown, and both were in tortoise frames. These are staples too, so they’re quite the good buys. The best part is how I was able to buy two Uniqlo sunglasses for a fraction of one Nine West pair.

It’s nice how much we get to learn about life from shopping. The biggest lesson of all is that although nothing could substitute for a well-made item, I don’t really need luxury brands after all.:]


My First Time: ZALORA.PH

I’ve shopped online before, numerous times, actually; however, this was my first time shopping with Zalora Philippines, and I’m really happy with how it went!:)


I ordered a pair of Mel Pop III flats in black. It seems that I had bagged the last pair in my size– how awesome was that? Zalora has a really awesome selection. I was actually trying to decide between this one, Mel Pop III in navy blue, and Grendha Ad Cristal in black. I had an hour-long “consultation meeting” with my best friend, Noelle (, about it, and we decided to go with Pop III in black first, and if I’m happy, I can go ahead with other colors.

Here’s a little something– I accidentally forgot about my payment deadline. I just remembered it about 3 days later. I called the Zalora Customer Service, and I learned that I can still make the payment. The support agent just told me that he’d make a note, so that I can keep my reservation. Zalora has amazing customer service, I’d like to say.

The good hing about Zalora is that it has many payment options. I chose the most convenient, being BDO Over-the-Counter. Paying via credit card would be more convenient for others, but this is how I roll when it comes to online transactions.

I like how Zalora informs you every step of the way of where your parcel goes. I got emails about my order confirmation, payment this and that, and that my order was already getting shipped. Let me tell you– knowing exactly where your order is makes a paranoid shopper more secure.

Of course, I’ll order again! I’ll probably limit my Zalora purchases to shoes and stuff, as I have mega issues with clothes, but hell yeah, I’ll order again!:) There’s not much of a price difference between Mel at Zalora, and Mel in malls, say, Rustan’s; but I’d like to think that I’m paying for convenience (free shipping, by the way). I’m just glad that the prices aren’t raked up.

Overall, I’m a happy Zalora.PH client.
’till next shopping adventure!:)


Sometimes really compulsive about details. Like majorly. Unfortunately, my attention to detail also decided to take a holiday along with everything else. What exactly am I talking about?

Let’s rewind to about two weeks ago..
I did my holiday shopping, I mentioned buying my friends’ Christmas presents at Yves Rocher. They put the items in adorable little gift bags, so all I had to do to figure out what was inside was to peek inside to figure out which present went to who. Easy peasy. That was settled.

I shopped for my siblings a few days later. I have two sisters and a brother. Shopping for my brother was relatively easy. I saw something, and thought, “That’s the one..”. Surprisingly, it was with my sisters that I had trouble shopping for. After much thought, I decided to get their presents at Beauty Bar. I got my eldest sister a tube of Bloom Lipgloss, while for my second older sister, Bloom Eyeliner in green. I had them wrapped at the store.

Today when I checked up on their presents with the intention of writing on the cards so I can give them at midnight, I realized something– The two things were wrapped identically, and I have no way to figure out which one is which. Hahahahaha.


Feeling it would work, but the problem is, they pretty much feel the same, except for a slight difference in size (I don’t know which is which). Haha.

I can’t imagine my eldest sister in green eyeliner; my older sister won’t wear pink lip gloss.. I better not screw up my gifts, because I actually spent time at the store thinking hard for their presents! I guess I should just rely on pure guesswork.

Hula-hulaan na lang. Hehehe.

My life is so boring that random things like this cause me much entertainment.
Truly, attention to detail has taken a holiday. Bow.