Masking It.

I really like relaxing and just being lazy on sundays. Today, my face gets to benefit from it because I’ve chosen to make this day a Sheet Mask Day!:)

I took a trip to Korea last January, and bought a bountiful supply of masks. My favorite masks were those from Innisfree. I think I got about 12 masks for KRW 10,000. It just irks me that I’m now down to my LAST Innisfree sheet mask. Aww. I intend to replenish my sheet mask supply SOON.

I love sheet masks! I put them on lazy days to provide extra nourishment to my skin. My face feels a lot more supple afterwards. I also enjoy putting sheet masks on when I take plane rides, because cabin air tends to be quite drying. True enough, I feel quite blooming after a good sheet mask session, almost as if my skin has gotten a bit more supple.

I live in a polluted area, and I have stressful days once in a while. All the trouble of daily life takes its toll on my skin. The least I could do is to rehabilitate it with skin care products, and to provide extra nourishment. I love sheet masks, and I’m glad to have them as part of a regular regimen.:)