I’m really glad that I’ve gotten my first ever Shu Uemura. I waited long enough for the shipment, and yes, it was completely worth it.

Shu Uemura lash curlers are globally known as the B-E-S-T. The S-Curler’s said to be the new generation curler, taking about 10 or so years to perfectly engineer.

The S-Curler is designed a bit differently from traditional eyelash curlers. First of all, it has no sidebars, therefore minimizing chances of pinching skin. It’s tiny too, letting it curl even those hard-to-reach lashes. It can curl the shortest of lashes. How can I possibly describe how wonderful the S-Curler is to use. It has a nice rubber pad that sits comfortably on the eyelid while you curl.

It’s a tiny tool, that means that curling would have to be done in sections, as opposed to full lash curlers that do the job in just one go. Sectional curling is most advantageous to those most compulsive about the art, but could be tedious to those who want to curl on the go.

This is said to be a beginner’s curler. With that being said, there’s a part of me that agrees, and begs to differ at the same time. For one, the S-Curler is more comfortable to use and handy, however, using it does require a little bit of practice, and it is time-consuming. At some point, it stops being a competition between the S-Curler and the classic curler. I have a feeling that the two curlers can work together to create the best-looking curls.