Leggings are just AMAZING. No, I’m not talking about the glorified pantyhose kind of leggings. I’m actually talking about the Lulu Lemon-inspired breed of leggings that go anywhere from the yoga studio to… Pretty much everywhere. I love my leggings jet-black, though sometimes I like them a bit more on the charcoal side. As for fit, I prefer them about a size or two bigger, as they’re simply comfier that way.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but when 2014 came by, I simply had one resolution, but it was more like a challenge, or a joke, I’m not really sure. It was to procure 14 pairs of black leggings. Black leggings have been a closet staple of mine since 2009, but I never really had more than 4 at a time, and most of them turned ratty really fast from repeated use.


LEGGINGS GIRL. I kind of like the idea of having a “trademark” clothing article. Blair Waldorf has her headbands, Daria Morgendorffer has her black boots– Panna Ciorrina has her leggings. It’s not so much of a fashion statment, but more than that, I feel thay having a signature style gives people something good to hang on to when identity issues start creeping behind them.

Oh identity issues.. I know them too well.

Well, as much as I don’t want to be binded by fashion, I don’t want it to hinder me from doingnwhat I like either. One day, I’ll be gutsy enough to wear gigantic peplums with heel-less heels, but for now, I’m a leggings girl. Just the girl I want to be.:)



I really enjoy Polyvore. Eversince I first got on it more than a year ago, I’ve been seeing it as a way to channel my secret aspiration of being a magazine editor. It’s quite fun though because it feels like you’re right inside a big closet waitibg for you to take what’s in it to come up with pretty outfits. Yeah, totally exciting.

I ddon’t have that many sets on Polyvore, but the ones I do have somewhat serve as a capsule of how my style preferences change as time goes by. I used to be interested in pretty glam, but now, I’m more into understated pieces and subdues aesthetics.

I’m no fashionista, but I like what this does to me.:)