THE BODY SHOP Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm.

Seriously, am I doing a #throwback series here?

I just thought of posting about my current lip balm.. Whuch happens to date back from 2011. I kind of remember the day I bought this. I stepped into The Body Shop at a shopping mall in Manila, hoping to buy another pot of Born Lippy in Strawberry, then I laid eyes on the words Spiced Vanilla, and the rest pretty much just happened.

I don’t wear this lip balm that often, because it isn’t tinted like the Born Lippy, and it kind of leaves a whitish balmy appearance, making it awkward to wear alone. I also feel like it obscures lipatick application. It’s still good anyway, but I prefer to use this at night, or when I plan to stay indoors the whole day. This is also amazing on plane rides, by the way, where the recycled air dries skin, hair and lips like crazy.

What I have here is the old version aluminum pot. I think the new version’s housed in a plastic pot or something. Whatever version anyone can get their hands on, I’d most definitely say that The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm is just awesome. I love the blend of cinnamon and vanilla on my lips! Like I said, I prefer using thing this indoors– sometimes I feel like giving my lips a little balm therapy, minus the tints and everything. This is just great.

I’m a fan of new products, but of course, sometimes amazing things can come from years ago as well. If it’s still good, hang on to it. It’s worth it.:)