It took me some time to actually decide to place an order for the Ecotools Bamboo Brush Set. It’s not that I didn’t want the brushes, after all, they’re eco-friendly, and I’m in constant search of quality brushes. 

I did a thorough inspection of my brushes, and truly enough, I have no shader brush, no kabuki brush, a blush brush that can barely pass off as a proper powder brush. I’ve also noticed that my current brushes are long, and definitely not suitable for handy travel.

I’ve read excellent reviews about Ecotools brushes, and unfortunately, I’ve also read that many fakes our out there in circulation. I’m getting mine from an online retailer that I trust, but of course, fakes get out there, and it’s not always just the retailer’s fault, but the supplier’s as well.

I truly am excited to get this. Finally, I get to take part in the eco-frienly movement to make beautifying less stressful on the environment. I really am new to all this beauty stuff, or more appropriately, I’m at a constant newness at all things beauty-related. I just like to think that if I’m going to be experimenting with make-up, I might as well start doing things right.:)