My First Time: ZALORA.PH

I’ve shopped online before, numerous times, actually; however, this was my first time shopping with Zalora Philippines, and I’m really happy with how it went!:)


I ordered a pair of Mel Pop III flats in black. It seems that I had bagged the last pair in my size– how awesome was that? Zalora has a really awesome selection. I was actually trying to decide between this one, Mel Pop III in navy blue, and Grendha Ad Cristal in black. I had an hour-long “consultation meeting” with my best friend, Noelle (, about it, and we decided to go with Pop III in black first, and if I’m happy, I can go ahead with other colors.

Here’s a little something– I accidentally forgot about my payment deadline. I just remembered it about 3 days later. I called the Zalora Customer Service, and I learned that I can still make the payment. The support agent just told me that he’d make a note, so that I can keep my reservation. Zalora has amazing customer service, I’d like to say.

The good hing about Zalora is that it has many payment options. I chose the most convenient, being BDO Over-the-Counter. Paying via credit card would be more convenient for others, but this is how I roll when it comes to online transactions.

I like how Zalora informs you every step of the way of where your parcel goes. I got emails about my order confirmation, payment this and that, and that my order was already getting shipped. Let me tell you– knowing exactly where your order is makes a paranoid shopper more secure.

Of course, I’ll order again! I’ll probably limit my Zalora purchases to shoes and stuff, as I have mega issues with clothes, but hell yeah, I’ll order again!:) There’s not much of a price difference between Mel at Zalora, and Mel in malls, say, Rustan’s; but I’d like to think that I’m paying for convenience (free shipping, by the way). I’m just glad that the prices aren’t raked up.

Overall, I’m a happy Zalora.PH client.
’till next shopping adventure!:)