Sometimes I get a little bit jealous when I see my friends’ pictures with their boyfriends, fiances, or husbands. I don’t feel too bad about it though. Right from the start, it was really clear to me that Norman and I can’t really have one of those pictures together unless I randomly wake up in Singapore, or he magically appears in Manila.

So in the meantime..
Isn’t Norman truly, madly, insanely cute? Haha..

Norman’s cute like that. He’s a tanned cutie with little Chinese baby eyes and darling cheeks. My favorite part of his face is his nose though, for reasons that I can’t really explain. His features are generally baby-like, but his nose brings the masculity on. Don’t even get me started on his smile. Ooohhh, his smile. 🙂

I’d love to post pictures of him, but he has massive privacy issues, and I respect that. He’s such a private person, so I try to limit my Norman-sharing in terms of his information and our conversations. I don’t write about our problems either, though I do acknowledge that they happen. I try not to be too cheesy in public about how I feel about him, because it means a lot more when it’s just him and me talking. That’s how we are. We’re introverts like that.:)

NOTE: By the way, my Norman doesn’t use Facebook anymore. I have another “Norman” in my friends list– same name, same city, same age. It’s hard to believe, but they’re two different Normans (or, in plural form, Nor-MEN?). So I guess people from my circle can stop stalking Norman Chia now. Mr. Chia’s good looking and all, but he’s not my Norman.:)

PHYSICIANS FORMULA Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

Though i believe that happiness should radiate from the inside, I also believe that it’s not bad to keep the outside looking good when the inside is bruised and tattered either.

What exactly am I talking about? It’s the PHYSICIANS FORMULA Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder. The one I have is in Translucent, which is a powder, rather than being a bronzer like the other variants.

The first thing that caught my attention was it’s cuteness. Hearts, hearts, hearts over it! So adorable!

One would think that it’s cuteness is its claim to its mood-boosting trait, but the happiness doesn’t stop there. Here’s the back of the box so you can read all about the wonderful things the powder has to give.

EUROPHYL. Big word, huh? Endorphins are the brain’s happy hormones, and it says here that Europhyl mimics its effect. Although it’s not always advisable to rely on artificial sources of happiness, an extra mood boost isn’t so bad either. We’re not getting high on make-up anyway, so it’s all good.:)

The packaging features a compact wherein you lift the powder pan to reveal a mirror, and a mini-brush at the bottom.

I honestly dislike the mini brush. The bristles are so scratchy and stiff! It’s horrible compared to my Missha and Tony Moly brushes, honestly. I’m not gonna use the mini brush at all.

The powder looks nice on the skin, though I wouldn’t exactly call it transluscent. It gives a little glow, although not so much “shimmery”. It’s been described as a candle-light glow, and that’s something I would totally have to agree to.

I don’t see myself using this as a true hardcore translucent powder though, as the pigment and the glow is a tad too much for my face. If I were to do that, I’d most likely be taking “blooming” to a whole new level. I’d probably use this on my cheeks for those days when I’d want to look glowing and healthy, but blush would be too much; or for those days when I’d just want to have fun contouring. I have a picture of it swatched on my hand.

This is a nice powder to have, although I can’t really tell what it is exactly. 🙂

Oh by the way, if you’re curious as to whether or not the powder has really made me happy, well.. It’s quite soon to tell. I took a whiff of it after swatching, and I felt nice.:) I’ll have more things to say about the product when I use it more


Goodbyes are really tough, especially when it’s something you’ve cherished for years that you have to let go of. I like to think that I’m callous, but I seem to just be that way in all the wrong places. I can’t be too sentimental, can I? Sometimes, we just have to say it. Sometimes, we just have to say.. “Goodbye”.


I’ve been thinking of lip colors lately. Of course, I had to take a cold hard look at my lipstick box and realized something– I’ve been keeping a tube of CLINIQUE Different Lipstick (Raspberry Glace) for over five years now. FIVE. If that isn’t expired make-up, I really don’t know what is. Keeping exaggeratedly expired makeup is unacceptable, seriously. There are too many risks with keeping old makeup.

Thankfully, I had just gotten a new Clinique Different Lipstick in the same shade, though in the same old green packaging, as it’s in its special size, as opposed to the full size new silver ribbed tube packaging.


I put the two tubes together, and realized that my old tube has already turned into a deeper dark berry shade, which is indicative of some sort of a chemical change. It was only when I put the two tubes alongside each other that I realized the actual difference between the two. I also noticed that the old one has gotten too soft, indicating excess moisture where I didn’t want it to be.

I hate being so wasteful, but sometimes, makeup doesn’t get used up before it goes bad, and it’s really time to let go and toss! Of course, I can’t ever really completely let go of Raspberry Glace, as it’s one of the most goregeous lipstick colors I’ve ever had on! I just thank my stars for never keeping tubes of iconic lipstick never too far away.:)


Oh, I also noticed something– my first Raspberry Glace, a tube handed to me by my mom, was also of the “Special Size”, as in Not for Individual Sale.

Coincidence, or do the gods of Raspberry Glace simply love me?


I can’t really call this that much of a Beauty Haul, but.. Whatever. I bought beauty stuff on my birthday. That’s all.


For someone so in love with The Body Shop, I’m quite weirded out by myself not buying anything from my favorite shop in the world, considering that I have a 20% discount for the whole month of January from being a Love Your Body card holder. Oh wells. I figured it was about time that I branch out in to the new world. There’s more to the world than The Body Shop, I guess.

I bought the ETUDE HOUSE Lip & Eye Remover. It’s the type of remover that reminds me of vinaigrette salad dressings in a sense that it demonstrates the rules of polarity, being that it’s half-oil, and half-not oil. I think it’s good to have makeup removers like that, because some makeup just doesn’t get off with “regular” removers, as they contain a significant amount of healthy oils. You need something that can dissolve the water-soluble and the water-INsoluble. It’s actually good at removing makeup– and I tried that even with mascara. Skin feels great afterwards.:)

I found the PORE EVER Primer Stick (Etude House) quite so-so. I’ve barely used primer before, so I didn’t really know what to expect from it. I wish it held my eyeshadow a little bit better, but of course, I may have just applied too little of it. My face make-up stayed on, so I guess that’s an awesome plus.


Another cute thing from Etude House was the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All-Over Color. Behold my newly-found love for multipurpose make-up! I used this on my cheeks and my lips. It gave me the nude lip look that I was aiming for. This isn’t really a balm though, and I just seriously feel the need to exfoliate now.


Would you believe that I’ve finally given in to liquid eyeliner? I’ve been fearing it for YEARS. I’m still a bit shaky in applying it, but I think I can get better at it with time. I’m learning by watching lots and lots of Jenn Im videos, and I think I’d most likely be doing baby cat-eyes. I’m quite happy with my NATURE REPUBLIC Botannical Quickeasy Liner. I could’ve gone for Smashbox, but I decided to go for something less expensive while I practice.

I’m happy with the tiny brush. I find it easy to control with just the right amount of stiffness.


Last is the PALLADIO Rice Powder. I have serious problems with the packaging, as I just know that I’m gonna end up spilling the powder all over the place if I’m not careful. It’s a good product though. I see it as a good setting powder, and it really does control oil like it’s supposed to. I’m definitely not gonna use the the sponge applicator, but more likely a small fan brush.

Well yeah, that’s all for my Birthday Mini-Haul. Just a few things here and there. It’s funny how I’m 23, but have make-up wants and needs comparable to that of a 15-year old! Haha. Well, I guess that’s one of the things about getting older– you get so sure about other things, that your attention to little details is far less than what you imagined it to be way back when you were a teenager.

I’m learning a lot about myself through my make-up.
And yes, they’re good things.

It’s January 26 now, but it’s still January 25 in some parts of the world. I’m a citizen of the universe, so no matter what time it is over at my timezone.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


Happy Birthday to M.E., me!:)

Seriously, my birthday’s my ultimate favorite day of the year. Of course, 2014 is no exception. Damn it, I’m 23 now!:)

Right now, I’m checked in off the radar. Noelle and Clary are coming over for a sleepover. I’m really excited for it because our last sleepover was FIVE years ago when i turned 18.

It’s kind of weird to be thinking about breakfast right now, but I seriously am. I’m thinking of having some Indian curry. Perfect timing, of course, as I’ve been craving it for almost a month now, and never really bothered to settle for anything less than authentic. I love my dimsum and my dumplings with all my heart, but Indian-Muslim food is just so special in ways i can’t really point out.

I really wish I could come up with a more visually-appealing way of presenting my thoughts, but unfortunately, my Sun Broadband Mobile WiFi isn’t working, so I have to blog using the browser on my phone.

The first greeting of BIRTHDAY 2014 came from my super-thoughtful former roommate, Ira.:) She’s always been such a sweetheart, and I’m glad my first greeting came from someone whom I love very dearly.
Norman greeted me at 12:05 (Philippine Standard Time), along with the little animal emotes we call “pets”. I’ll post a picture of that when I can.:) Norman has IPPT later in the afternoon, so I’d rather have him rest a lot for now to prepare.

Goodness, I can’t stop thinking about my Indian curry!<3 5 hours to go.. 5 hours to go!

This is gonna be fun, being 23 and everything. I still can't believe it though. ^_^



I’m really excited about my GREAT ESCAPE of 2014. I think about it excessively, and I’ve been talking a lot to Dr. Esporlas about it. I know that this is something that would fuel insane rumors from drug addiction, to a relationship with a professor (possibly even a female one), to committing a major violation. The list will go on and on and on. The old me would think about the horrible possibilities and would just stop considering it, but I think I now know myself a little better, and I might not care anymore.

I know that what I’m about to do can be considered borderline insane, especially for someone so close to graduating, but you know what?– I think settling for anything less than an awesome day constitutes far greater insanity. Truth is, I don’t like being the person I have grown up to be, living a life that I didn’t choose in the first place. It was my choice to do what I’m doing, but where I’m doing it is a completely different story. Gone are the days when I’d try to compensate the flat days with artificial forms of happiness, because I’ve now learned of the joys of simplicity.

I stared hatred and negativity right in the face, and looking back, it’s no way to live. I don’t want to participate in a very cut-throat competition for resources anymore, I don’t want to waste time anymore, I don’t want to be idle anymore. In a very wild attempt to be concise, I don’t want to be miserable anymore.

Oh, also, I’m through stepping on other people to get the illusion of being ahead. Being the bully gives off an unexplainable hormone rush that makes you just feel so powerful and cool, but once norepinephrine sets in, shame introduces itself, and you start to wonder why you needed that validation in the first place.

I feel the need to be somewhere filled with love, with people doing what they do not because they have to, but because they want to. A loving environment gives birth to little bundles of sheer passion– and that’s exactly how I want to roll.


I remember once in an international youth activity in Samarinda wherein one of my Indonesian sister dearests asked me why beauty pageants are so popular in the Philippines. I was seriously stumped by the question, and I really wish I had a better answer to that than, “It’s because we are so beautiful.”. Sometimes I really do wonder why. It’s not like all Filipinos are towering statues sent by the heavens to spread beauty to the world. It’s not all about the celebrity culture either, because these pageant ladies are the real deal. The unity of beauty and brains is taken to a whole new level, and it’s a level worth paying great attention to; with that being said, I believe that the very essence of the popularity of beauty pageants in the Philippines stems from having a good example to look up to.

My school, Centro Escolar Univeristy, has this annual pageant, Mr. & Miss CEU. I hate to brag, but almost every year, at least one contestant from the School of Dentistry bag a title (or two). In 2010, Jeselle Vyne Vinoya bagged the Miss CEU 2010 title. 2012 gave the prestigious title to Chloe Ann Joy Miranda. 2013 was another awesome year, as Barbara Leigh Ignacio bagged the Miss CEU 2013 First Runner-Up title. Truly, it has, and will always be an honor to be friends with ladies of inner and outer beauty. I have always been proud to witness the embodiment of grace and intelligence in these ladies.

This year, I’m proud to say that I have a friend competing in the pageant again. This is none other than Kristel Guelos. I first met her in 2008, as we were classmates in one of our Pre-Dent subjects. I was really stuck by her beauty, from the first time I saw her. Of course, time has been good to her, as she has seemingly getting more and more beautiful as the years went by. Her name may ring a few bells here and there, because she has already competed in one of the country’s major pageants, as she represented Tanauan City in the 2013 Miss Earth Philippines pageant.

Let me tell you about Kristel. She’s a very warm, loving and grounded person. She relates well with pretty much everyone. It’s really easy to grow fond of someone who can be well-described as a burst of warm sunshine that can brighten up anyone’s day. She epitomizes values expected of a God-loving individual, which include kindness, humanism, and concern for the common good. Of course I’d love to go on and on about Kristel, but sometimes actually getting to know the person is far better than counting on words alone.

I really hope that CANDIDATE #10, Kristel Guelos, School of Dentistry takes home the title of MISS CEU 2014.

There may never be enough words to describe how much I would love her to win, but sometimes, all we have to say is that when your queen stands right there in front of you, there won’t be any room for doubts. You would just know.:)

Oh, by the way, there will be an ONLINE VOTING, as a segment of the pageant. This is not limited to CEU students.
I strongly encourage all those who can read this to vote for Kristel Guelos by first hitting “LIKE“, on the CEU University Student Council Manila Facebook Page, and finding the photo of CANDIDATE #10 Kristel Guelos, and then hitting “LIKE” on that as well.

Kitty Picture.

I have this habit of randomly sharing picture of cute things with Norman. Like if I see something cute on We Heart It, Tumblr, or Facebook, I’d immediately take a screenshot and send it to him via Skype or Whatsapp. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about politics, food or education– all conversations stop at the simplest sight of a cute dog, rabbit, baby, hamster or panda.

It’s one of my random things, I guess.

Apparently it’s his thing now too.

Today was just one of those days when he’d tease me and find entertainment in me getting pissed. Today alone, I had threatned to bite him, pull his hair and beat him up in pretty black leggings. That’s the last time he’ll ever con me into thinking that he forgot my birthday. It was just one of those days when we were both just being stupid.

Just when I thought that my randomness didn’t matter so much to him, he sent me a link which led me to..

share with you kitty picture
make you happy

I just never thought he actually pays that much attention to the little things I like.