I’m now on We Heart It. It’s a lot like Tumblr, but picture-exclusive. It’s a lot like Instagram, but. As much as I want to compare it to Pinterest, I can’t,  because frankly, I don’t understand Pinterest.

I used to be on Tumblr. Like, I was pretty much a Tumblr addict. I left because I wanted to write, but I just didn’t get the audience that I wanted. After about 4 years of Tumblring, I caught up with logic, and realized that if I’ve got words, then I should go to WORDpress.

..but now developing an inclination for pictures. Pretty pictures. I like hearts too, so I got on We Heart It. So far, I heart it too.:)

We Heart It is filled with nice things to get inspired by. So far, I’ve gotten a lot of ideas about dressing, makeup, hair, and pretty much anything.


I tend to base my searches on tags, rather than on users. It’s much easier that way. I’ve managed to gain a few followers, though I’m a but hesitant about following back, because I don’t want The same thing that happened on Tumblr to happen here– like when seemingly innocent blogs start having naked people on them.

Well yeah, I shall blog again later on. I’m busy hearting.