Goin’ NUTS.

If I were to eat according to my blood type (READ: if), I’d have stock up on legumes. Lots and lots of them! I’ll be honest, my current diet is composed mostly of rice and beef, and I lack the kitchen creativity to incorporate fun stuff like nuts and beans in my daily life; but in spite of that, I love nuts! Specifically, pistaschio nuts.


Pistaschios are awesome! Like, the only thing I don’t like about them is that deshelling them is just a teensy bit difficult, and it pains my nailbeds if I deshell to many of them in one sitting. Sometimes, the pain’s worth it though, even if  I break a few of my baby-short nails once in a while.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have shelled pistaschios in giant zippy bags? Then I could just bury my face in there and die happily.:) Chocolate-covered pistaschios would be great too, as long as it’s white chocolate.

I wonder why pistaschios aren’t everywhere like almonds and peanuts are. I want pistaschio butter, pistaschio milk, pistaschio essence in shampoo.. OH MY!:)

Oh look at me, I’m NUTS.