Goodbyes are really tough, especially when it’s something you’ve cherished for years that you have to let go of. I like to think that I’m callous, but I seem to just be that way in all the wrong places. I can’t be too sentimental, can I? Sometimes, we just have to say it. Sometimes, we just have to say.. “Goodbye”.


I’ve been thinking of lip colors lately. Of course, I had to take a cold hard look at my lipstick box and realized something– I’ve been keeping a tube of CLINIQUE Different Lipstick (Raspberry Glace) for over five years now. FIVE. If that isn’t expired make-up, I really don’t know what is. Keeping exaggeratedly expired makeup is unacceptable, seriously. There are too many risks with keeping old makeup.

Thankfully, I had just gotten a new Clinique Different Lipstick in the same shade, though in the same old green packaging, as it’s in its special size, as opposed to the full size new silver ribbed tube packaging.


I put the two tubes together, and realized that my old tube has already turned into a deeper dark berry shade, which is indicative of some sort of a chemical change. It was only when I put the two tubes alongside each other that I realized the actual difference between the two. I also noticed that the old one has gotten too soft, indicating excess moisture where I didn’t want it to be.

I hate being so wasteful, but sometimes, makeup doesn’t get used up before it goes bad, and it’s really time to let go and toss! Of course, I can’t ever really completely let go of Raspberry Glace, as it’s one of the most goregeous lipstick colors I’ve ever had on! I just thank my stars for never keeping tubes of iconic lipstick never too far away.:)


Oh, I also noticed something– my first Raspberry Glace, a tube handed to me by my mom, was also of the “Special Size”, as in Not for Individual Sale.

Coincidence, or do the gods of Raspberry Glace simply love me?