Sometimes I get a little bit jealous when I see my friends’ pictures with their boyfriends, fiances, or husbands. I don’t feel too bad about it though. Right from the start, it was really clear to me that Norman and I can’t really have one of those pictures together unless I randomly wake up in Singapore, or he magically appears in Manila.

So in the meantime..
Isn’t Norman truly, madly, insanely cute? Haha..

Norman’s cute like that. He’s a tanned cutie with little Chinese baby eyes and darling cheeks. My favorite part of his face is his nose though, for reasons that I can’t really explain. His features are generally baby-like, but his nose brings the masculity on. Don’t even get me started on his smile. Ooohhh, his smile. 🙂

I’d love to post pictures of him, but he has massive privacy issues, and I respect that. He’s such a private person, so I try to limit my Norman-sharing in terms of his information and our conversations. I don’t write about our problems either, though I do acknowledge that they happen. I try not to be too cheesy in public about how I feel about him, because it means a lot more when it’s just him and me talking. That’s how we are. We’re introverts like that.:)

NOTE: By the way, my Norman doesn’t use Facebook anymore. I have another “Norman” in my friends list– same name, same city, same age. It’s hard to believe, but they’re two different Normans (or, in plural form, Nor-MEN?). So I guess people from my circle can stop stalking Norman Chia now. Mr. Chia’s good looking and all, but he’s not my Norman.:)


Kitty Picture.

I have this habit of randomly sharing picture of cute things with Norman. Like if I see something cute on We Heart It, Tumblr, or Facebook, I’d immediately take a screenshot and send it to him via Skype or Whatsapp. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about politics, food or education– all conversations stop at the simplest sight of a cute dog, rabbit, baby, hamster or panda.

It’s one of my random things, I guess.

Apparently it’s his thing now too.

Today was just one of those days when he’d tease me and find entertainment in me getting pissed. Today alone, I had threatned to bite him, pull his hair and beat him up in pretty black leggings. That’s the last time he’ll ever con me into thinking that he forgot my birthday. It was just one of those days when we were both just being stupid.

Just when I thought that my randomness didn’t matter so much to him, he sent me a link which led me to..

share with you kitty picture
make you happy

I just never thought he actually pays that much attention to the little things I like.


Normy Burch.

One über-remarkable thing about the man in my life is how seriously he takes the Catholic values of humility and simplicity. He’s always mentioned how much he likes Pope Francis because of how simple he is and everything. Norman’s so cute and sweet like that. The way he stays true to the faith keeps me grounded. Truly, he’s my little piece of heaven.♥

Oh you should see how he reacts to name brands. I onced me tioned how much I wanted a certain Prada bag (I forgot which one), and he was like, “Yucks”. I told him I was starting to like Kate Spade, and he went on about how a political member who doesn’t do much, is a fan of the brand. I tell him about investments and quality, but he tells me that there are other sturdy alternatives as well. To put it short, he doesn’t follow brands, and it’s mostly because he doesn’t like them. At all.

I take his opinions into consideration, but I don’t let them stop me when I make my purchases. I was spending some time shopping online, when I decided to place an order for navy blue Tory Burch flats. Earlier today, they were out of size 6, so I decided to get olive instead.. but when I went back to the site a few hours later, the navy blue size 6 was restocked. I was talking to Norman then, so I asked him,

Do you think I should redo my order, or should I just trust the fact that God led me to the olive pair for a reason?

We had just discussed earlier about how he’s not he best person to ask about these things, right when I was telling him about how I wanted an Anne Klein satchel. In fact, I was almost ready to get scolded for buying Tory Burch anything, being that it’s branded. Behold, my hummy’s answer.. Hmmm buy both?? –Okay, that was unexpected, but of course, I’m not gonna do that.

The man in my life hates it when I talk about Prada, Vera Wang, Kate Spade (most especially), and other big brands. He hates branded with great passion.. but for some reason, he’s tolerant of Tory Burch. Therefore, I shall silently refer to him as..

Normy Burch.

By the way, he reacts to Nine West adversely as well. I checked.


Well, the man in my life’s been sick for about two days now. Last night, he slept really early, around 9ish (that’s early for him, as he usually sleeps between 12MN and 2AM). He told me that the weather was bad the day before. He’s Singaporean– he’s used to drizzly weather. My guess is that when he says that the weather’s bad, it’s really bad.

Poor honey was sick all day today. Lucky I was on Globe Powersurf these past few days, that’s how I got to Whatsapp with him. Poor guy couldn’t even finish his food. I, meanwhile, was suffering from alveolar bone ouchy from a braces adjustment. The only difference was that I could eat, if eating meant just swallowing everything.

Sometimes he thinks that effervescent vitamin C’s solve everything, but today, I pretty much dragged him to the doctor with ny superb word-typing skills. I had to bargain with him, because it was really obvious how he didn’t want to go. He was even like, “What am I supposed to tell the doctor?“. I being a self-proclaimed HPI darling, fed him a big-ass paragraph with one or two medical terms sprinkled on it. It would have been more comprehensive had I been more versed on SOAP notes, but oh wells.

Hummy came over with a prescription of Lomotil, Lacteol (from what I understood, it’s Lactobacillus, possibly a probiotic drink or something), Buscopan, and Anarex (Paracetamol + Orphenadrine Citrate). Cost him SGD30. I was initially only familiar with Lomotil and Buscopan. Had I not asked the generic names, I wouldn’t have known what Lacteol and Anarex are. It’s probably best if I famillarize myself with international name brands.

Well, right now, he’s getting better. He makes it a point to ask me first before he can eat something. He’s been having tummy problems too, along with being febrile, so he’s a bit more conscious about what he’s eating now. I let him have bread with kaya, and encouraged him to have some kiwi. I’m just glad he’s regaining appetite now.:)

Norman and I have happy times together, but when we stand by each other during the tough times, it make our relationship a bit more meaningful. Mind you, we’ve called it quits about 4 weeks ago, but we’re still around for each other– AS FRIENDS. #4better4worse friends.