언니 (unni) PQ Style.

One of the many awesome things about being home in Parañaque is that a Korean supermarket (yes, I’m using supermarket and not just store) is never too far away for me to get my Korean quick fix. I kind of feel like I’m in the metro’s Little Korea sometimes. I have a wide selection of Korean stuff, and if they don’t have what I’m looking for, there’s sure to be another supermarket a few blocks away. I live in an are with a high concentration of Korean nationals, and my goodness, I’m loving it.:)

I love it so much, that I sometimes have little Korean-inspired dinners.

..and yes, this was one of those instances.

Today I had Shin Ramyun Black, a Black Bean Calcium drink, and Norman’s favorite– kimchi. Honestly, I had the idea to get Korean food, because I was talking to Normy earlier today about food. He really likes kimchi, that I’m seriously starting to wonder if he’s an undercover Korean just pretending to be Singaporean, haha! By the way, Norman’s last name sounds slightly Korean too, though it’s actually Hainanese.

I really like kimchi. My ex-roommate, Ira, can attest to that! I never thought it was possible, but there was a time when I was slightly fed up with kimchi, and it was when I was in Korea wherein loads and loads of kimchi would seemingly come out of nowhere. I like to think of that time as a rough patch in my love affair with kimchi, and right now, I’m proud to say that the relationship is stronger than ever.:)

I think this is the first time I had Shin Ramyun Black. I almost never see it in local supermarkets, and not all Korean stores carry the variant. It’s slighty more expensive, but it was really good. The mushroom chunks and other trimings were a lot bigger, and there was more seasoning, as opposed to the regular Shin Ramyuns.

I had some of this too. I like soy milk and all its simple glory, so I was way curious about what black bean soy milk had to offer. Didn’t disappoint at all! It’s like regular soy milk, but better. Sadly, it’s expensive. One milk box cost me Php30.

Of course, a Korean-inspired home dinner wouldn’t be complete without..
Yeah, KBS. Haha.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this to anyone, but I have this weird way of holding chopsticks. Like way weird. It’s really B-A-D since I’m part Chinese, and I regularly go to chopstick restaurants.
The sticks aren’t really supposed to cross. Rather than going up and down, I tend to manipulate the upper stick side to side. It gets a lot worse when I think about it. I’m not really sure where I picked up that incorrectness, but I think it’s been something I’ve been doing since I was a little kid, but was just never corrected.

The part of greater strangeness?
I actually do a better job at holding chopsticks with my left hand. To be fair, I’m ambidextrous, which means that I don’t have a non-dominant hand, just a less dominant hand. Then again, it gets ruined when I overthink.

I should have Korean-inspired dinners more often! It’s fun. Maybe I should go buy tteokbokki and fish cake next time. Oh wells. No pressure to it, after all, the Korean supermarket’s just a 10-minute walk away.:)


Goin’ NUTS.

If I were to eat according to my blood type (READ: if), I’d have stock up on legumes. Lots and lots of them! I’ll be honest, my current diet is composed mostly of rice and beef, and I lack the kitchen creativity to incorporate fun stuff like nuts and beans in my daily life; but in spite of that, I love nuts! Specifically, pistaschio nuts.


Pistaschios are awesome! Like, the only thing I don’t like about them is that deshelling them is just a teensy bit difficult, and it pains my nailbeds if I deshell to many of them in one sitting. Sometimes, the pain’s worth it though, even if  I break a few of my baby-short nails once in a while.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have shelled pistaschios in giant zippy bags? Then I could just bury my face in there and die happily.:) Chocolate-covered pistaschios would be great too, as long as it’s white chocolate.

I wonder why pistaschios aren’t everywhere like almonds and peanuts are. I want pistaschio butter, pistaschio milk, pistaschio essence in shampoo.. OH MY!:)

Oh look at me, I’m NUTS.

American Breakfast.. and BACON.

Again, I decided to order in for breakfast. My sister decided to get food earlier, but I was still sleeping then.

Lucky for me I like bread, I like hash browns, and I love BACON.

Presenting.. American Breakfast. Though based from the “American”, I was hoping for some Cheerios too.

I have a really awesome relationship with bacon. Eggs, not so much, but BACON? Oh I love it! Crispy bacon, soggy bacon, I’m okay either way.. I just really really like bacon.

Pretentious Dinner.

The holidays don’t to much good to my figure. I can already feel myself getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter! Tonight I decided to just order in, and have a light dinner.

I wish I could say more about my dinner, but that’s pretty much all it was– a cheese sandwich with a side of carrots and fruit, and a vinaigrette salad.

Seriously, the yellow lampshade does wonders for food pictures! My grilled sandwich became like 10 times more satiety-inducive because of the richness of yellow! I initially wanted the Swiss cheese, but I had to go with cheddar due to availability. Still good, though!

PLANET PRETENTIOUS? Hahaha! I actually enjoy salads. I don’t eat onions and bell peppers in salads, and this plate was no exception. I was actually hoping for a Caesar dressing, but the vinaigrette was just fine.

It’s really crowded in Tagaytay this time of year. We’re at Taal Vista Hotel, where the Sky Ranch is pretty much walking distance. Of course, it’s a tourist spot, so crowded here and there, I can’t really blame myself for just wanting to stay in. After all, holidays are meant for relaxation, and trust me, there’s nothing about relaxation that involves crowds.


I’ve been craving chips for about 2 days now. I’ve been trying my best to resist the urge to take in empty calories, but today, I’ve decided to just go ahead and do it. I’m more of a Jack & Jill or Frito-Lay girl, sadly, it’s those God-awesome chips that pack the calories on. I’m partial to anything cheddar cheese flavored, by the way. Every time I try to rehabilitate my now-pudgy figure, the chips just come calling my name, and there’s no turning back when in open a bag.

I got my hands on a bag of Lorenz Snack-World Rosemary-flavored Natural potato chips. It was a rather unfamiliar brand. My mom probably got it at the International section at the supermarket, but they were damn good.

The chips were baked with sunflower oil, and my fingers didn’t feel oily or anything after. I felt bad about my unhealthy consumption, but I didn’t feel too guilty, being that they were made with natural ingredients, with no artificial flavourigs, no preservatives, and without gluten.

Chips will always be unhealthful, but they’ll always be my guilty pleasure. With that being said, I feel a bit better being that I’m getting a slightly more healthful version of my ultimate favorite snack.

Seriously though, natural chips are damn good.