Happy Birthday to M.E., me!:)

Seriously, my birthday’s my ultimate favorite day of the year. Of course, 2014 is no exception. Damn it, I’m 23 now!:)

Right now, I’m checked in off the radar. Noelle and Clary are coming over for a sleepover. I’m really excited for it because our last sleepover was FIVE years ago when i turned 18.

It’s kind of weird to be thinking about breakfast right now, but I seriously am. I’m thinking of having some Indian curry. Perfect timing, of course, as I’ve been craving it for almost a month now, and never really bothered to settle for anything less than authentic. I love my dimsum and my dumplings with all my heart, but Indian-Muslim food is just so special in ways i can’t really point out.

I really wish I could come up with a more visually-appealing way of presenting my thoughts, but unfortunately, my Sun Broadband Mobile WiFi isn’t working, so I have to blog using the browser on my phone.

The first greeting of BIRTHDAY 2014 came from my super-thoughtful former roommate, Ira.:) She’s always been such a sweetheart, and I’m glad my first greeting came from someone whom I love very dearly.
Norman greeted me at 12:05 (Philippine Standard Time), along with the little animal emotes we call “pets”. I’ll post a picture of that when I can.:) Norman has IPPT later in the afternoon, so I’d rather have him rest a lot for now to prepare.

Goodness, I can’t stop thinking about my Indian curry!<3 5 hours to go.. 5 hours to go!

This is gonna be fun, being 23 and everything. I still can't believe it though. ^_^