PHYSICIANS FORMULA Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

Though i believe that happiness should radiate from the inside, I also believe that it’s not bad to keep the outside looking good when the inside is bruised and tattered either.

What exactly am I talking about? It’s the PHYSICIANS FORMULA Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder. The one I have is in Translucent, which is a powder, rather than being a bronzer like the other variants.

The first thing that caught my attention was it’s cuteness. Hearts, hearts, hearts over it! So adorable!

One would think that it’s cuteness is its claim to its mood-boosting trait, but the happiness doesn’t stop there. Here’s the back of the box so you can read all about the wonderful things the powder has to give.

EUROPHYL. Big word, huh? Endorphins are the brain’s happy hormones, and it says here that Europhyl mimics its effect. Although it’s not always advisable to rely on artificial sources of happiness, an extra mood boost isn’t so bad either. We’re not getting high on make-up anyway, so it’s all good.:)

The packaging features a compact wherein you lift the powder pan to reveal a mirror, and a mini-brush at the bottom.

I honestly dislike the mini brush. The bristles are so scratchy and stiff! It’s horrible compared to my Missha and Tony Moly brushes, honestly. I’m not gonna use the mini brush at all.

The powder looks nice on the skin, though I wouldn’t exactly call it transluscent. It gives a little glow, although not so much “shimmery”. It’s been described as a candle-light glow, and that’s something I would totally have to agree to.

I don’t see myself using this as a true hardcore translucent powder though, as the pigment and the glow is a tad too much for my face. If I were to do that, I’d most likely be taking “blooming” to a whole new level. I’d probably use this on my cheeks for those days when I’d want to look glowing and healthy, but blush would be too much; or for those days when I’d just want to have fun contouring. I have a picture of it swatched on my hand.

This is a nice powder to have, although I can’t really tell what it is exactly. 🙂

Oh by the way, if you’re curious as to whether or not the powder has really made me happy, well.. It’s quite soon to tell. I took a whiff of it after swatching, and I felt nice.:) I’ll have more things to say about the product when I use it more


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