I can’t really call this that much of a Beauty Haul, but.. Whatever. I bought beauty stuff on my birthday. That’s all.


For someone so in love with The Body Shop, I’m quite weirded out by myself not buying anything from my favorite shop in the world, considering that I have a 20% discount for the whole month of January from being a Love Your Body card holder. Oh wells. I figured it was about time that I branch out in to the new world. There’s more to the world than The Body Shop, I guess.

I bought the ETUDE HOUSE Lip & Eye Remover. It’s the type of remover that reminds me of vinaigrette salad dressings in a sense that it demonstrates the rules of polarity, being that it’s half-oil, and half-not oil. I think it’s good to have makeup removers like that, because some makeup just doesn’t get off with “regular” removers, as they contain a significant amount of healthy oils. You need something that can dissolve the water-soluble and the water-INsoluble. It’s actually good at removing makeup– and I tried that even with mascara. Skin feels great afterwards.:)

I found the PORE EVER Primer Stick (Etude House) quite so-so. I’ve barely used primer before, so I didn’t really know what to expect from it. I wish it held my eyeshadow a little bit better, but of course, I may have just applied too little of it. My face make-up stayed on, so I guess that’s an awesome plus.


Another cute thing from Etude House was the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All-Over Color. Behold my newly-found love for multipurpose make-up! I used this on my cheeks and my lips. It gave me the nude lip look that I was aiming for. This isn’t really a balm though, and I just seriously feel the need to exfoliate now.


Would you believe that I’ve finally given in to liquid eyeliner? I’ve been fearing it for YEARS. I’m still a bit shaky in applying it, but I think I can get better at it with time. I’m learning by watching lots and lots of Jenn Im videos, and I think I’d most likely be doing baby cat-eyes. I’m quite happy with my NATURE REPUBLIC Botannical Quickeasy Liner. I could’ve gone for Smashbox, but I decided to go for something less expensive while I practice.

I’m happy with the tiny brush. I find it easy to control with just the right amount of stiffness.


Last is the PALLADIO Rice Powder. I have serious problems with the packaging, as I just know that I’m gonna end up spilling the powder all over the place if I’m not careful. It’s a good product though. I see it as a good setting powder, and it really does control oil like it’s supposed to. I’m definitely not gonna use the the sponge applicator, but more likely a small fan brush.

Well yeah, that’s all for my Birthday Mini-Haul. Just a few things here and there. It’s funny how I’m 23, but have make-up wants and needs comparable to that of a 15-year old! Haha. Well, I guess that’s one of the things about getting older– you get so sure about other things, that your attention to little details is far less than what you imagined it to be way back when you were a teenager.

I’m learning a lot about myself through my make-up.
And yes, they’re good things.

It’s January 26 now, but it’s still January 25 in some parts of the world. I’m a citizen of the universe, so no matter what time it is over at my timezone.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


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