Kitty Picture.

I have this habit of randomly sharing picture of cute things with Norman. Like if I see something cute on We Heart It, Tumblr, or Facebook, I’d immediately take a screenshot and send it to him via Skype or Whatsapp. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about politics, food or education– all conversations stop at the simplest sight of a cute dog, rabbit, baby, hamster or panda.

It’s one of my random things, I guess.

Apparently it’s his thing now too.

Today was just one of those days when he’d tease me and find entertainment in me getting pissed. Today alone, I had threatned to bite him, pull his hair and beat him up in pretty black leggings. That’s the last time he’ll ever con me into thinking that he forgot my birthday. It was just one of those days when we were both just being stupid.

Just when I thought that my randomness didn’t matter so much to him, he sent me a link which led me to..

share with you kitty picture
make you happy

I just never thought he actually pays that much attention to the little things I like.



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