Pretentious Dinner.

The holidays don’t to much good to my figure. I can already feel myself getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter! Tonight I decided to just order in, and have a light dinner.

I wish I could say more about my dinner, but that’s pretty much all it was– a cheese sandwich with a side of carrots and fruit, and a vinaigrette salad.

Seriously, the yellow lampshade does wonders for food pictures! My grilled sandwich became like 10 times more satiety-inducive because of the richness of yellow! I initially wanted the Swiss cheese, but I had to go with cheddar due to availability. Still good, though!

PLANET PRETENTIOUS? Hahaha! I actually enjoy salads. I don’t eat onions and bell peppers in salads, and this plate was no exception. I was actually hoping for a Caesar dressing, but the vinaigrette was just fine.

It’s really crowded in Tagaytay this time of year. We’re at Taal Vista Hotel, where the Sky Ranch is pretty much walking distance. Of course, it’s a tourist spot, so crowded here and there, I can’t really blame myself for just wanting to stay in. After all, holidays are meant for relaxation, and trust me, there’s nothing about relaxation that involves crowds.


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